Rise of Film

Photos by Elijah Lane


This site is an accompaniment to a local film movement. A movement to get people away from the boringness of digital photography / photo editing and mediocre posed photoshoots atop parking garages and back alleyways. You're more creative than that. Come join me. Buy unique equipment, be unique and get over yourself. Be there, be square. I'll tell you all about it at the shop.


If you are local and would like film either processed and / or scanned. Contact me by email or on instagram. Turn around time for film processing (depending on quantity) is 2-4 days. Links to film scans are sent via email and are downloadable for up to 7 days. 

BW Process & Scan

  • 35mm - $6 (Large $9)
  • 120mm - $7 (Large $10) 


BW Process Only

  • 35mm - $4
  • 120mm -$5